Dental X-rays

In human dentistry, it is a routine to have state-of-the-art full mouth dental x-rays taken when you are at the dentist for an annual check-up. Now, NASVC is proud to announce, we can offer this gold standard of diagnostic for your pet as well.

Early Diagnosis and Preventive Treatment of Hip Dysplasia in Young Dogs

Hip dysplasia (HD) is a well-known inherited orthopedic condition which can affect mostly large breed dogs and lead to osteoarthritis causing pain and diminished quality of life if not controlled or treated.

Various Parasites On different Host Species

There are different types of parasites on and in every individual. Some of them are outside of the body (ears, skin), called Ectoparasites.

Bone fractures and orthopedic repair in various species

Supra- and Intercondylarfemoral fracture in a cat (multiple fragments) – fixed with a lag screw and three Kirschner pins

Rodent’s and lagomorph’s dentistry

Rabbits, hares, hamsters,guinea pigs,chinchillas and many other animals belong in the categories of lagomorph and rodents. They have one thing in common that we do not see in dogs and cats: their teeth grow throughout their entire life.Dog, cat and even human teeth grow until they reach their maximum size and then they stop. Rodent teeth can grow up to 2 cm a month – depending on the species and the location of the teeth.

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